Sex on ovulation , 🩸

Hii x 😊🌸

I had sex On the 12 of July. I was ovulating. My bf used protection , but it happened that the Condom broke. And we only realised after he ejaculated a shitload though ... and it was IN me , literally dripped down my legs !!! 🤷🏽‍♀️ my period is in about 4 days🤔🩸 .. should I test cause Im freaking the fuck out 😕or should I wait and see for my period? ? ?

To be honest , Im really freaked out though. Will I have symtoms by now ? What would ot be ? My niece had heartburn ..🧐 anyways , just Help a girl out with this little situation!

Thanks Ladiess!! 🥰🥰