When does breast milk stop increasing?


LO is 3.5 weeks and we’re currently nursing every 3 hours during the day and every 4 hours at night + offering 2oz formula after each feeding due to him having poor weight gain initially. Doing great with weight gain with the supplements now. Yay!

I’ve given up my guilt for having to supplement but I’d still love to be able to produce more for him. I’ve got an order on the way from Milky Mama, have oatmeal, body armor and am making lactation cookies.

I pump first thing every morning to make sure I empty completely as that’s when I seem to make the most (2oz) and the hubs will use it the following morning in a bottle so I can pump and continue the cycle. I try to pump after a few feeds during the day and don’t get much (1/2 to 1oz).

We did a weighted feed with Peds and babe got 1.7oz in 25 mins (fed both sides)

So, my question after all the blabbering, is will my milk continue to increase? Is there any chance? Or is this pretty much what I’m going to get from here on out?