8 week ultrasound wouldn’t give me a copy


I was just curious if anybody else had this happen? My regular OB is in another town and the small clinic it is doesn’t have an ultrasound machine so they sent me to a hospital in a city that I live in. My mother-in-law swears up and down they give copies because when she was pregnant with my babies father she got a copy from that hospital and her other daughter who has children has gotten copies recently as well. They claim their machines don’t let them print and I was too nervous to ask to take a picture of the screen but I don’t think they’d let me. She also said I would have to wait for any results so that my doctor could look at it. I’m just kind of disappointed I know it’s not much going on right now but I’m almost 9 weeks I was looking forward to hearing something or at least having something explained visual wise :/ it was just silent the whole time and they had my sister in law wait outside. Maybe I’m just being picky over nothing but it is weird that they wouldn’t even offer for me to take at-least a picture of the screen or point out the baby..