How do you know if your bleeding too much.

Yesterday i had my appointment at planned parenthood. I took the first pill at 3pm and was instructed to wait 24 hours til taking the next round of meds. Literally right before i took the second round of medication i started gushing blood like crazy. Like elevator scene from the shining crazy gushing. I went ahead and took the second round of pills and then i was in severe pain for a couple hours but had barely any bleeding til i got in a hot shower and started passing alot if clots and just started bleeding like a faucet i was scared to get out of the shower because i didn't want to get blood everywhere. I dont have maxi pads cuz the store was out so the next best thing was a heavy flow pad and ive gone through 4 in less than an hour. Every time i go to the bathroom theres just soo much and i thought i had really heavy periods but this is like triple amounts of bleeding. My pain isnt as severe as it was but just dont know if i need to go to a hospital or not cuz i feel fine just uncomfortable cramps but at least i can breath through them now. Oh and i called planned parenthoods 24 hour number twice now and there has been no answer. So if someone could reasure me or give advice that would be very appreciated