Is it to late to start working out?

Unique • Baby #1 otw Oct.6,2020 💙

So pre pregnancy I had a trainer and was working out and I am a former athlete I was working out till covid hit and they shut everything down I was around 10 weeks at the time. I did continue to work out with my mom and sister who is also pregnant and a current athlete while in quarantine. We worked out till around 15-18 weeks cant really remember exactly and all of a sudden I got super lazy and pretty much no energy. I am currently 30 weeks and even though I still have no energy is it too late to start working out again? I know working out is beneficial for myself and the baby but I’m afraid the damage is already done and plus I swell up like a balloon if I go for walks no matter if it’s in the evening (tried 2 weeks ago) really need some advice and/or pointers