Scheduled C tomorrow due to blood pressure


Just as the title says

I’m 37 weeks exactly today, due August 25th.

Baby #3, having a c due to health issues

Last week I was admitted to the hospital for a 24 hour urine due to high BP. It got lower as the night went on and the protein was low so I was sent home.

My regular weekly appointment was today and my BP was 137/99 with their normal BP machine, and after they took me to a regular room, the nurse came in and manually took it and it was 150/92. About 20 minutes later the nurse comes back in and says we’re going to have to deliver early since my BP is so up and down. Y’all I’m so nervous. I thought I still had a few weeks. And because it’s so last minute, we don’t have anyone to stay home with our boys. All family lives 5+ hours away and can’t make it. Please send good vibes my way. I’m needing it right about now!