Anyone pregnant right away after miscarriage? (Warn TMI)


We where so excited to find out I was pregnant the end of May. Then when I was at 10w4d went in for an ultra sound because I had a small amount of light blood the day prior. Shortly after leaving the hospital I was talking to my husband because I was confused on why she wouldn’t let me see the monitor during my ultra sound... then we received a call that broke my heart. There was no fetal pole and I was measuring only 8wk. I have never felt heartache like that.On July 13th I went in for a d&c and I stopped bleeding 5 days after. Since then my husband and I have not used protection. Yesterday I was nauseated and I noticed today I had watery milky discharge. Also I needed to have my husband actually pull over on the side of the road because I was nauseous and couldn’t hold it. I took a pregnancy test a week ago and I was negative. (Yes I know to soon to know anything) But I just want to know if anyone has had any success stories of conceiving right after a miscarriage?