Netflix and Sex: Part 1

As the TV plays in the background, I stare at my best friend, Emily. She’s wearing an oversized shirt and biker shorts. Her gaze is fixed intently on the screen. She looks up at me and catches me staring. I quickly look away. “Like what you see?” she asks playfully. I just smile. “I’m getting more popcorn. Want some?” Emily says as she gets up.

“Sure, Thanks.”

When Emily comes back, she has two bowls of popcorn. She sits next to me and hands me one. I thank her and take my bowl. A few episodes later, we are snuggled up with the blankets, bunched close together. I slowly open my eyes and look down and Emily is staring back at me. “Like what you see?” I tease.

“Yes,” she says, then before I know it, Emily leans in and kisses me. I kiss her back intensely. Our bodies move as one and before I know it, she is leading me off the couch and into her room.

Emily leads me by the hand to her bed. Her lips brush mine and she whispers, “Are you sure you want this?” Hot and flustered, I nod and say, “I’ve been waiting so long for this.”

She slowly kisses me, leaving a trail down my neck. I pull off my shirt. She does the same, and I start on my pants. “Wait,” she says. I look up at her, and she pulls me in closer for a kiss. A shiver goes down my spine as my bare chest touches her warm breasts. They are perky and full, and they press against my small tits. I press my forehead to hers and look into her beautiful brown eyes, then kiss her again. Then, I make my way down to her stomach and pull down her shorts to reveal her wet pussy. I kiss all around it until she can’t handle it anymore.

“Taste me already!”

I smirk and slide my tongue into Emily’s soaking pussy and move it in circles around her clit. I can feel her body tensing in pleasure, and a loud moan escapes her mouth. “Ohhhhhh.” I can sense her orgasm about to come, and then pull my head out from between her legs and leave a trail of kisses up to her tits. I can tell she is mad, but she doesn’t have time to say anything before I suck and lick her breasts. She moans again, this time even louder. “That feels so good, baby.” I then move up to her mouth and kiss her passionately. She kisses me back and quickly ducks down to work on me. She licks my already wet and throbbing pussy. I moan and shiver.

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