Absolutely heart broken - low amh


Today I found out that I have very low amh levels - I am devastated. Some context; I’m 33 and have an 11 month old baby boy. He is my world and I want to give him a sibling desperately. We took 8 months to conceive him and since having him my periods have been pretty regular but lighter than before I had him. We haven’t been carful in preventing a second pregnancy and the last couple of months I was tracking my fertile window via the app.

I decided to go have a blood test to just double check there was nothing wrong. Today they rang and said my amh levels are a 3.3 and the average for my age is 20! I’m so upset that I’m basically going to go through my menopause early. There is <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a> as a potential possibility but with very few eggs left this may not work. Anyone got any success stories for me? I’m sat here sobbing and the more I research the more stressed I’m getting which obviously isn’t going to help at all. Xx