Mamas with 2!


So we’ve been talking. I LOVE my Hyundai Elantra. We bought it three years ago when we were expecting you son and I needed to upgrade from a coupe. I love the gas mileage. I love the features. I love the handling. Hands down LOVE everything about my car minus the fact that it doesn’t have air conditioning in the back, which I burn up, so I don’t mind the constantly blasting AC to keep my son cool.

I don’t think we’ll have an issue with space, but then again, two car seats in the back take up A LOT of space, and we already have a huge summer vacation trip planned for next year and we won’t have space to haul what we need.

We’re contemplating trading my car in for a small SUV.

Maybe a Nissan Kicks, a Jeep Renegade, Honda CRV, or the Rav 4.

Any mamas with 2 who travel frequently have a car and like it or regret having a car or so thankful they bought an SUV?