Another baby?!

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Hey ladies!

It seems like so long ago that we were all on here chatting almost daily! My husband and I are going to start trying again at the end of September! (If I’m not already pregnant from my last ovulation cycle 😅 We were actually trying to not get pregnant because a very close cousin of mine is getting married in May and I cannot miss it! But we had a protection mishap sooo we will see what happens! Lol! Good thing is if I am pregnant, I’ll be due a month before the wedding and 2 of my babies have gone 3 weeks early, the other baby was born at 21 weeks 😕, so I should be good to go 🤞🏼) so I’m currently in the dreaded two week wait...blaaah! I’m not a patient person! Is anyone else planning on another baby anytime soon?!