New baby. Husband goes to the bar.

My husbands family has an alcoholic history, and even though he is a great husband, and doesn’t drink at home or every day, he does once or twice a week go to the bar after work. I told him when baby came he had to give up the staying out late and he agreed.

Well he’s been having stress at work and so a couple of times this week he hasn’t gotten home till late. One night he got home at 1 am and one night at 10. All while we have a 2 month old. Our first baby.

Last night he apologized that he had been staying out too late. He said he’s just really stressed from work (it is a stressful job) and shooting pool and talking to the boys relieves his stress, he also says he doesn’t want to bring his bad mood home so he’s blowing off steam. All the while I’m home with the baby from 1pm and later (my mom comes over in the mornings to help some days)

Well tonight I’m feeding the baby and he calls at 7pm and says “hey I went and got drinks after work and my friend (let’s call him Steve) invited me to dinner and I don’t want to be rude so I said yes” and “also I’m too drunk to drive yet anyway so I’ll be late tonight”

Well I told him how could he apologize for being out late and then the very next night stay out late. I told him I couldn’t count on him, only can count on myself when it comes to the baby and that I was ashamed of him. I told him I hope he has a good night and hung up.

My mom helped me pack whatever I needed to take care of the baby tonight. I’m staying with her for at least tonight and maybe tomorrow. I can’t stand the thought of waiting alone at home for him to come home like I have before. I need my spirits to not be so low that my baby will suffer. He doesn’t know I’m gone yet, he tried to call me twice but I’m not ready to answer.

No he is not having an affair, trust me on that. But he is making me feel I’m alone being a new mom and I want him to know I don’t accept this anymore.