Why do i hate my pothead friend rn?

Idk if I’m in the right group for this, but please help me if you have any answers. I’ve known this girl since 4th grade. We’re seniors in high school now. She started smoking last year. She only started because one of her ex flings influenced her to. Ever since then, she’s been smoking 25/8. It’s all she talks about and it’s all she wants to do. Me and the other 2 friends in our group would try to plan something for us to do and she would bring weed and just ruin the vibe. Or at least that’s how I felt. (ex. she invited us to go to the park by her house and “play soccer” when it was only 3 of us playing and the other 3 including her were smoking the whole time) I can’t even remember the last time i had a normal conversation with her because she’s always high. Sometimes she would text me and say she “needs help” but it’s only to get weed or edibles. Usually, i’m more than happy to help cuz I’m like the mom friend of the group, but now I don’t even reply to her because I know what she’s gonna ask. So now, when someone even mentions weed or getting high, I get irritated asf. I used to smoke, but I was never a pothead. I rarely did it. Once I joined ROTC and started playing soccer, it was a wrap for me. I love her, but it’s draining even trying to hold a conversation with her, especially when she brings up smoking. Am I overreacting about this? Am I just a concerned friend as I should be?