In need of friends, Let’s get through this together 💪🏽

Paige • YT: iHeart. Paige

I pretty much feel crappy everyday. When I go to stores I can’t breathe because of having to wear a mask and being pregnant, I’m not big enough that I actually look pregnant but instead look like I’m just extremely bloated or fat, My energy completely sucks, I sneezed the other night and peed on myself and although I don’t throw up as much anymore I still feel sick all day, and my nipples are so sore to touch even wearing a shirt hurts. This is my third pregnancy but I don’t remember feeling this crappy with my other two. I’m 10 weeks and 6 days and my energy has been crazy low. I feel like I have nobody to talk with at times which makes me feel depressed and moody. My boyfriend is so wonderful but men just don’t get it. I wish at times they could really know and feel what we go through. He is so supportive don’t get me wrong but at times I feel like I’m bugging him talking about how I feel all the time or what’s bother me, I’m sure he would disagree lol I need other mom friends that can relate. I’m so glad I found out about this app because it has been much better knowing others are going through the same stuff as me and I’m not alone. Maybe it’s just one of those days for me but I already feel a bit better getting this off my chest. Guess I’ll take a nap now that my toddler is sleep and not calling me every 30 seconds. She has been sounding like the Family Guy episode Mom, mom, mom, mommy 🤣