So confused...a little help here 🤷‍♀️ a little long


Good morning beauties! So I got off my birth control in May (I was on it for 9 years , microgestrin) received my period right away and my regular period the next month. I went to the doctor and he did some blood work and everything came back as a go to start trying. In June I ended up with a ruptured cyst (horribly painful and swollen for days). Went to doctor he confirmed, uterine sonogram, more blood work and said I was fertile and could have sex and to continue. I was in too much pain to do anything. we started trying (started tracking BBT in July for the first time. On July 20-22 my OPK tests were high to peak and we BDed those nothing. According to my normal cycle and my body and charts...I was due for AF on the 5th. Still nothing. Tests negative, clear negatives! Yesterday morning and this morning my BBTs are higher than they ever have been and my charts (I use multiple apps) are all different but one is saying I ovulated on the 5th of this month instead of a period! I’m lost! I am thinking at this point I missed my ovulation...but my July OPK said it was positive. I plan on taking an LH test today as one says I’m ovulating/fertile. I do not have PCOS and my doctor says I’m normal so why am I so confused?!! I get it that I’m probably not pregnant considering my charts and temp...but now I’m afraid if I did not release and I just reovulated I missed my window again! Ugh! Has anyone had this happen? My cervical mucus has been between watery and creamy and egg white for a week and the last three days my breasts have been super sore. Might I add...I never had sore breasts on previous periods back in the day...the last 3 months with my ovulation I have and my periods I still don’t. Any thing will Help!!?? Thanks in advance!