Elective induction?


Hey all!

Has anyone had an elective induction? I want to ask about it at my next appointment. I have a small toddler at home and no family in the area (military). If I can give my MIL a day or two heads up she can come stay with my son while we’re in the hospital and my husband won’t need to stay behind to be with the little guy. We have a babysitter, but it’s not like calling at 3 am is a great option! And once my husband is in the hospital with me, he isn’t allowed to leave and come back due to COVID.

I’d love for them to induce me this coming weekend (is 39 weeks) so childcare is all sewn up.

1.) Will doctors even do an induction for this reason?

2.) I had a medically necessary induction last time at 42 weeks. I was 0cm, not at all progressed. Now I’m around a two with the baby in position. Inducing from nothing was EXCRUCIATING. Is it as bad when you’re induced from a more advanced position?