My 2 yr old son got tested for Covid 19


So my son had fever last monday (99 degree) and had a runny nose. I was so scared that he could probably got infected from one of my friend daughter who had fever and runny nose ( I didn’t realize until then) so i called our doctor and she said if my son fever doesn’t go away for more than 3 days then I should call again and see her. She also suspect that my son might have a corona virus and she requested to take him to get tested. I called the lab and they scheduled us to come in on Friday. So fast forward my son symptoms got better the next day and fever didnt go back by Wednesday he was back to himself and running around. I honestly didn’t think he have corona virus but we decided to get him tested and just make sure were not speading it. We stayed home the whole week till yesterday Friday we did took him to the drive thru testing. The nurse was very nice and she explained to him what she gonna do. She basically just swab his nose very gently and not all the way to the end of the nose (not like what other people say its all the way inside) my son was such a trooper didnt cry at all. Anyway ive been so anxiously waiting for the result a mixed of emotion and terrified about having the virus. the next day I received an email from our doctor that the test came back Negative! Im so thankful that my son didnt have the virus. And seriously im so paranoid now and scared to go out. But at d same time im relieved that my son is not sick.

Anyway i just wanted to share our experience with the testing and the symptoms he had.