Really Needing advice

So I am the youngest out of my siblings (like half their age) & my mom is really closest to me, even though we argue A LOT. I am a person that travels, moves constantly bc I just love seeing the world, but now I am married and pregnant with my first child so I am settling down. My husband and I came to my moms after our lease ended bc we are in the house buying process and looking for our dream house. While here I have realized the little city she lives in isn’t the best nor the neighborhood, she’s getting older and lives alone as well so it makes me more worried than usual. She doesn’t want to move with us bc we will be 3 hours away from any family. Now my sister has passed away unexpectedly while being here and now it has me confused about leaving. I hate this place & didnt want to give birth here, I already had my birth plan for my new area. I am worried if I rent one more year here(bc I can’t get a shorter lease) that I will hate it and regret it, also worried if I leave I will be too worried about my mom. She is so excited about a new grandchild as well. Also being here I get stuck with all of the family kids daily bc they are out of school/daycare right now, I can’t say no bc it’s my moms house but it annoys me to not have any space, sleep, or free time knowing I’m about to have much interrupted sleep to come. Would you guys just suffer it out by staying here another year?