Decreased Growth Velocity in Height

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Hi everyone! Hope everyone is staying safe and well!

I just had my son’s 9 month check-up this morning. According to his height measurement, he is dropping off his curve. From his appointment in May (6month well visit) to now, his height has only increased marginally. Of course, I’m concerned even though our pediatrician said she’s not worried “yet.” She said his measurement may have been off last time or his genetics are catching up (I’m only 5’2” and his dad is only 5’8”). I asked her what if his height continues to fall off the curve; she said we will do tests (at 12 months) if needed to check growth plates, etc.

So, here are my questions: have any of you experienced this with your babies? Would this be alarming to you, or as the mom, am I just be over analytical? I included photos of the drop in curve..

Reassurance or personal experience is welcome! Thank you so much in advance for reading this!