Should i still report him? PLEASE HELP

In Jan-Feb this year, a guy at work pressured me into giving him my number. I’m 18, almost 19 now, but at the time I was only 18 by a few months and had just started at this job. And he’s at least 30. I tried to say no but he wouldn’t accept it. It came across that English wasn’t his first language so I chalked it up to a language barrier but knew that it wouldn’t be anything good as soon as it happened. Since then, he has been BEYOND creepy to me. He would tell me that he “missed me”, “loved me”, told me he wanted to look at me “every second of every day”, gave a bunch of creepy comments, a bunch of emojis, tried to lie about his age, offered to drive me home, bought me candy, a bunch of crazy shit. When he had only known me for a MONTH and I never even replied to his messages. And I have a boyfriend, who he’s acknowledged multiple times. I was hoping he’d get the hint, I was too scared to say anything. One day I randomly got the courage to. I thought he would finally leave me alone. Wrong. Instead he found my snapchat and randomly messages me and used to send me pictures. He used to try to start convos and sent me a few pics of him shirtless (ew). Yesterday morning he sent me a snapchat sticker that said he was thinking about me. I asked him (again) to leave me alone. He said okay but he stared at me all day. I tried to talk to my mom but she said I can’t do anything about him staring at me and that I just shouldn’t give my # next time. Which I shouldn’t have but I was too scared to say no. I feel like it’s sooo disgusting and I don’t understand why he won’t leave me alone. He’s 30 and I’m barely an adult, he shouldn’t want it anyways.

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