8-Week Ultrasound... Twins looking good! ♥️♥️

Ashley • FTM expecting twins 👶🏾👶🏾 in March 2021 with my partner 🌈

8w4d today! Got to see my little gummy bears! They are both looking good. It’s so crazy how much they’ve grown since the 6-week ultrasound. Baby A is measuring 8w6d with a heart rate of 168. Baby B is measuring at 8w4d with a heart rate of 174. Also, check out Baby B trying to turn upside down! Lol!

I was so nervous before this appointment, but I was so relieved to see both my love bugs thriving! AND, I lost more weight! I’ve lost 8 pounds since insemination. It’s crazy because I’m so huge and bloated.