Unsure if I’m sick or not

I woke up this morning with the worst headache I think I’ve ever had in my life. I couldn’t shake it for nothing. I also was very nauseous and threw up several times. I’m so weak right now I don’t have a fever that I know of but I took Tylenol before I could even check my temp. I called out of work today which I never do. I can’t tell if I’m short of breath or not or just weak. It’s a weird feeling

I work in a doctors office we have been doing all our Sick visits in the car and just allowing well visits inside. However I am the designated screener snd check everyone’s temp when they come in.

We had a student intern in our office shadowing and she even stood outside with the dr during some car visits.

Today I found out she just tested positive for covid. Now my work wasn’t even going to announce it but someone saw it in her chart, as she is a patient too.

I feel like they are exposing so many people I know we can’t shut down for everything but if we had a positive exposure are we not supposed to!?

I know they aren’t even properly cleaning the way we should be.