What do i do?? Tell him or move on??

(I mentioned this earlier) this all happened this year March but Is it okay to hit someone up for a fuck? Even though y'all don't talk on the regular cause after the one night stand I expected more...but you know the dick good and he'll give it to you? I mean we only met once and fucked the night we met on instagram but we know the same people he knows. I just want it to be a secret... I blocked him cause I wasn't getting the energy I wanted but i told him happy birthday on instagram and would still interact lol.. he'd respond. Idk if he's interested.. think I should just be straight up and message him and letting him know how i feel? (I came on to him first) the night we met i got sooo drunk at his house and was clumsy and silly. Before that we were having casual conversations before i got drunk. He couldn't drink because he was on DUI probation at the time so they have check ins.. i told him i needed to spend the night cause i was drunk...we got in bed.. he leaned for a kiss we made out for a while and I remember us having sex but i was drunk... i woke up the next morning and my underwear was on the ground... we didn't talk much afterwards...he left me on read and hmu the next night. He'd go to the mountains and wouldn't invite me when i first offered to go.. what do i do??? I want to still fuck him in hopes that we start over with me sober... (dont judge)