20dpo 7 days late cd 37

I’ve done two tests, both negative. My and my boyfriend both sometimes thought we saw a line. I know I’m not supposed to look at it anymore 10 minutes later or more. But the next morning I looked at it and it seemed like the lines got a little darker, still very hard to see tho.

I’ve been nauseous, have a headache, I feel like I pee more. I’m so tired and I’m sweating so much faster. I’m hungry but not hungry. I’ve been drinking soya milk but idk if that does anything to you and if it can affect your cycles. I looked that up and it says it doesn’t affect your cycles. My boobs have been hurting on and off. I have no idea what’s going on. Going to retest after 48 hours again bc I’ve heard that some women got their BFP even 2 weeks after their missed period.