i don’t feel guilty 🥵🥵🥵

okay so i was talking to this guys since april the whole time we had a thing never really gave it a title but yeah we knew each other from before basically we had sex and it always felt like that was the whole thing or whatever he’d say he love me but i didn’t wanna believe it cause i sorta was confused about my feelings for him and basically i felt bad all the time but he was great and after a while someone told that the whole time he had a girlfriend and i was really hurt cause obviously he cheated and it was my fault and i hated cause the girl seems sweet and all but also i hate myself because after this me and him still talked and we even had sex and i felt guilty after but my mind wasn’t in the right place also and i hated it.

feel free to leave your most honest comments on my actions idc what it is i wanna see what people thing of this situation. 😘