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So I grew up in a very conservative setting and was not taught on sex ed . So I guess I need some answers. I got married on Aug. 22 . I never had sex till on my wedding night , but what I had a question on was , is it supposed to hurt 😔 your first time ? when he starts to enter and pushes I get this excruciating pain so bad that I tell him to stop . And I was bleeding a little bit after we tried and he got it in partways . We just want answers. What is causing this ? I’m so sore now I don’t even want to think of sex 😢. And it really bothers me cause I want to fill my husbands sexual needs . Should I see a doctor? My husband thought it would e a good idea to post on here and see what advice you would have before I do make a doctors appointment. Please any advice would help . Thanks you all .