Need ideas? Telling hubby pregnant with baby 8!!


I am in need of some ideas on how I’m going to tell my husband I’m pregnant with baby 8!!

I’ve done before “ya birth control failed” and poor guy looked like deer in headlights!!

I was thinking of doing one of the “Date Challenges” I’ve seen online for us to do together

-favourite snack

-favourite drink

-favourite colour

-something that reminds me of you

-something for the house

And then something for the house I would make baby related for him to open

Like one of that black boards that say “oops we did it again” or pack of newborn diapers with pregnancy test attached

Anyways, I told my sisters my idea and they didn’t like it

I thought simple but fun and he wouldn’t expect the last gift to be announcing another pregnancy

Any other ideas would be great on how to tell my husband the news