5 year old when I give birth


I have two girls and I’m almost 10 weeks pregnant... I have a 10 year and a 5 year old I will be due March 25th my 5 year old is so ecstatic to have a baby she asks me everyday if it’s time yet ..going to be a long wait for her ... my 5 year old is the most caring sensitive beautiful open minded little girl I have ever met in my life and she devotes her days by my side and I’ve been thinking if it’s possible she be there with me when I have the baby I know a lot of drs are against it just in case something goes wrong and I end up scarring my child ... But I think she would be so beyond proud to become a big sister and help me every step of the way ... now before anyone mentions my 10 year old who is the complete opposite a tomboy and would prefer to keep herself on YouTube and avoid any situation she wouldn’t be interested at all she’s already expressed that to me where my 5 year old already asked me if she could help me get the baby out... I’ve thought about home births so she could be involved but my anxiety over something wrong going on just won’t let me be ok with that ... now I need opinions on if it’s to much for a child or has any moms involved there kids ??