Is it normal to spot & possibly still be pregnant .??

According to Glow I’m 19 days late and since the week after my missed period I’ve been having spotting happening on and off every other day. It happens only like once or twice a day. Ever since I been spotting I’ve been dealing with a lot of PMS or pregnancy symptoms... Like slight headaches, heavier boob feelings, light cramps every now and again, nauseous but HUNGRY🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ I did a calculation on this app and it said I would only be “7 weeks” if I was pregnant according to my last period. Has anyone ever been like that and found out later.?? I know everyone’s body is completely different. I just don’t get ME.!!!😫😭😭

Took this test last Thursday 😫

Saturday that just passed, 10pm nothing for the rest of the day.

Last Monday in the morning and NOTHING else for that day.