Newborn won’t stay asleep in crib... need advice!


Hey 👋 exhausted mama here.

Anyone have any tips or tricks to get my newborn to sleep a little in her crib? I have it right next to my bed, I swaddle her at night, and make sure she’s well fed. I lay her down and she’s up in 10 minutes crying and screaming. I fell asleep one night with her next to me in bed and my husband came and grabbed her for me. We are both paranoid and sleep deprived.... we also have a 3 year old we take care of during the day and likes to slip into our bed at night... napping during the day is also hard to fit in, and I’m still recovering from a tear and bad cramps...

Do you think this is just a phase?

At what age do you gently sleep train?

If your baby did this, how long did it last?

Any tips are appreciated!

Ps. We are combination breastfeeding and doing formula. 👍

Edit: thank you to all those that replied!! So many helpful tips!! I really appreciate it 🙏🙏