LADIES! I was skeptical at first but being that I finally got my BFP 8/23 at 13 dpo I had to share with you all!! The 3x6x9 manifesting method works!!! This month I charted my ovulation using OPKs and after seeing scattered positives throughout my cycle I became discouraged. I’ve always struggled with irregular cycles so my ovulation was never on track. I honestly thought the tests were inaccurate and I told myself try again next cycle. The night of August 9th I decided to try the 369 manifestation method. You write on a piece of paper your name 3 times, “I will..(and whatever affirmation you wish to claim)” 6 times, and “I am..(claim whatever you wish to achieve)” 9 times. Our little bean was successfully conceived that next night 8/10. 💕💖🥰 Trust the universe yall!! Speak it into existence!! Baby dust to you ladies always!! And if this works for you let me know!!

(I realize now that I even did it a bit wrong but manifesting works!!)