Hi everyone I hope no one is talking about harm in having some really weird Symptoms seven days before my period. I’m currently six days away from where I’m supposed to be starting my period and I’ve taken three pregnancy test. The first two came up negative but then I took this one this morning and it showed up like this. I can kind of see a positive sign but I’m just not sure if it’s really there or not. Just a disclaimer before I took this test I dropped the package in the toilet on accident. It was still fully in the package wasn’t open so I didn’t think anything of it because I didn’t think that it got wet but I I lLet it dry off so I would just be safe. I haven’t had sex and I’m still a virgin but I get really bad anxiety about stuff like this and any time I have any site sign of weird symptoms I overreact and I have to ease my mind. Please just tell me I’m overreacting and there’s nothing wrong. I’m going to try and take another pregnancy test tonight but I’m just so stressed out about this please help thank you