I need middle name help. Middle name for Mercedes MacNeil

Monique • ☀️💙11/28/2018💙💜due 11/30/2020💜👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I need some help. Mercedes js my husbands grandmother (on his fathers side. His father just passed away a few months ago to a very hard cancer battle) his name was Brian. His mother was Mercedes.

My others son is name is Emerson Brian mac. So weve alreadh used brian as a middle name.

Now for Mercedes.

My mother is joanne, her mother Germaine

His mother is Diane, her mother Jeanette

It would be more fair to give middle name to my side.

But idk if i like the ring of Mercedes with either side. So maybe imput on those or if you just have a name rhat would sounds lovley with that !