Post-partum period/ovulation/return of fertility


Hello all,

Can anyone share their post-partum timeline of when their period returned/ when they finally ovulated???

I had my first child on April 25. 6.5 weeks later I bled for 5 days and I assumed it was my period- my doctor was skeptical as I was breastfeeding. But I bled like a normal period for 5 days after all that time had passed post-birth.

It’s now been about 10 weeks since that “period”. I have being testing here and there with OPKs just to see what’s going on down there- the answer is nothing lol. I am breastfeeding maybe once a day, so I don’t think that should still be affecting me. I’m not ovulating, i’m not getting my period, and I’m not pregnant!


When did your fertility return post-partum?