Faint line? Faulty test? UPDATE

I still have 12 days til my period but the last week I have been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms but being that my period is still so far away and it’s only 28 day cycles idk what do you guys think? Also we have been unprotected but we have been using the pullout method which makes us even more confused (yes we know it’s not 100% so it’s a possibility) top & bottom test were taken at the same time but they are different brands so idk if that matters or not and the middle was the night prior

UPDATE Some background info... I don’t think I just ovulated. I’ve felt off this whole cycle & the period that just passed wasn’t the normalest it was a little light compared to the usual. But I had a miscarriage 2 months ago and I think my ovulation got thrown off. I know I was just as shocked seeing it because I still got 12 days til my period but if my cycle is shorter this cycle and only 22 days -25 days then it’s possible because they are not the same every month it Varys from 22-29 day cycles