covid in early pregnancy 😭


Well through the whole pandemic we have managed to stay clear and of course the week after we find out about our surprise pregnancy, we get it.. my preschooler tested postive, now I'm symptomatic with a low grade fever. I had the rapid test 2 days ago that was negative but since then my daughters came back postive so I'm sure I have it as well and rapid test was wrong. I've talked to my OB, she said I'm not at any increased risk but I'm still so worried. I know fevers are bad in early pregnancy and that freaks me out but I have been keeping it down with tyelnol, cool baths. It's bouncing from normal temp to 100, reached 101 once but got it down fast & Dr. is aware. Is anyone else going through this? 😭😭 or alteast had a fever in a previous pregnancy where everything was okay?