After a few years on here logging periods, reading stories, crying/laughing at posts, <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> and being so excited for all the women that have posted exciting happenings in their lives, I couldn’t wait to share this post with you all... I am pregnant!

This year (as we all can relate to) has been a whirlwind in a variety of ways... My husband’s father passed of cancer, friends/family in the hospital from Covid, I lost my full-time job due to Covid.... the list goes on. But then the year started to take a turn in the midst of all the rubble. I decided this is my chance to go officially freelance (I’ve already made 60% of my last full-time salary in 2 months!!! Thank you Lawd for giving me strength and push I needed), and now the best news yet is we have a little nugget on the way!

Even though I’m only 9 weeks we decided to tell both our families (and some close friends) because we felt everyone could use a spark of joy during this time. It’s been amazing to see spirits lift because of new life. So excited for this next season! My little “blump” makes me so happy. 😆