Okay ladies breast pumping journey has ended !


I mean I’m so extremely happy that I’ve made enough milk for baby to use until she turns 2 all in my deep freezer !! Anyways this has been one of the longest journeys I’ve ever had to go threw between dairy,soy, and egg allergies which she has grown out of all of them thank heaven to pumping because she would never latch because of the allergies so washing bottles and little tiny parts every couple hours to sitting on the couch attached to the pump. I’m glad this journey is over with and I can finally breath !!!!! It was extremely magical in the sense my baby got what she needed even if I wasn’t able to nurse her. Now I can finally focus on myself with loosing weight. I honestly call bullshit that breastfeeding helps you loose weight because with all four of my kids it was not the case I was starving all the time drinking tons and tons of wAter while breastfeeding and even so with this last baby she had allergies so our diet was very strict super healthy and still weight was horrible I always loose about 20lb and then just stay there! Okay rant over ! Super happy and excited to loose this weight