Hey all, this is my second baby and I had cholestasis with my first that we caught at 36 weeks.

I’m currently 33 and experiencing slight symptoms. My dr says I’m not at an elevated risk to have it again, but we’re just basically going to start doing blood work every 2-3 weeks to keep an eye on my levels.

I was tested at 28 weeks and just recently near 33.

My alkaline phosphate is increasing, but still in normal range. With my son it hit 128. Right now it’s at 96, up from 70 5 weeks ago.

I don’t have an appointment until Thursday to discuss it with my dr and my dr is out so I’m meeting with a different one and won’t see mine for another 3 weeks. 😪

Does anyone know if that’s a normal fluctuation in ALP or if I’m slowly working my way up to another round of cholestasis?

First picture is 36 weeks with my son.

2nd is 28 and 32.5 weeks with this baby.