Dumb ass question from a dumbass dater

I was raised very poor and money to me is super important. To this guy I’m seeing though all he wants to do is buy me gifts, and take me out to lunches and dinner. Don’t get me wrong I fucking love it but damn I want to pay for something sooo bad! I get him gifts about as much as he does me so I just wanna pay for a meal! My mom told me I need to back off And he’ll get annoyed with me and dip out eventually but I can’t help it! I know spending money on food and leave a dent in your bank account and I don’t want him stressing over money because of me! He just won’t let me pay, hell even tell me to leave my wallet at home cause it’s all on him and I hatteee ittt! I sound crazy to some probably but I just need advice. Do I Venmo him some money, do I tell him let me pay and fight I’m the restaurant over it? Like what do I do to make him not feel upset and to make me feel like I’m not breaking his bank?