Birth story

Kuay • 3 bonus kids👦🏾👦🏾👧🏾/4👼🏾/🌈 👶🏾💙3/16/20

So I’m 5 months late but I’ve just been enjoying my SONshine.

I was set to be induced on March 16th which I knew was my actual due date but my date was 3/23. I have pcos so I fasted for a week and for a month I only ate fruits and veggies and lost 20 lbs. June 2019 I had a weird cycle did the do and poof. I was also considered high risk due to history of clotting and had to take injections daily. Any who, at 38 weeks I would wake up to some leaking which I thought was like my amniotic fluid but testing it and it was just discharge. I was set the have a surprise maternity shoot 3/14 and afterwards went and had Mexican and the spiciest salsa I’ve ever had. I also had sex that night. Woke up the next morning 3/15 to extra fluid and pressure so called the doc. They had me come in for testing and tested my fluid and it was amniotic fluid so they kept me. Went in at about 12 pm. They gave me cytotec (spell check ) to open my cervix. I was doing well didn’t originally want an epidural but my poor body had other plans. At about 8 pm I was about 7 I think so they gave me pitocin . I had cramping afterwards and wanted to soak in the tub but couldn’t because we don’t know when my water actually broke. So I took a nap and about 5 am BOOM. The pain started and I thought my insides when trying to come out. I lasted until 8 am before asking for an epidural. The dr came in at 9 and my mom and fiancé had to leave the room. I felt so alone. I’m very sensitive as in ticklish so when the dr touched my back I jumped. The nurse had to hold me so I wouldn’t move. The epidural pain was worse than the contractions. So epidural worked and they upped my pitocin. My dr who was actually my ob came in. They never checked me to see how far I was. By 1130 I felt so much pressure and the urge to push. My dr was doing a c section before she came back to me. I kept telling the nurse I need to push. She told me to give her a second for the dr. Every one came in nurses, students, my dr and set everything up. 12 pm I was pushing. I did maybe 5 pushes and the dr was saying he was still in the sac. The students asked if they could take pics (I didn’t care just get this baby out of me). So he’s coming fast and the sac breaks as his shoulders come. And another second later my rainbow baby BaKari Legend was born at 12:14 pm on 3/16. He is beyond amazing.