2 periods in 1 month


So i started letrozole on the 5th took 2 at night for 5 nights last dose the 10th doctors appointment on the 14th and did vaginal ultrasound doctor found 3 follicles that were almost ready told me to BD that night then do the trigger shot that night and then BD in the morning and the evening on Sunday the 16th and I did all of those things and due to husband and my schedule did not get to much bding in after that and my periods are always around 30 to 33 days apart and now I bled lightly for about 3 days 3 weeks after I had just had my normal period. I go in for blood work Monday. But the bleeding Is this because of the letrozole or trigger shot. Is it a normal period, or could it be implantation bleeding? Should I have called the doctor or am I okay to just wait until after bloodwork