Should I test?

My boyfriend and I have been trying with no success to get pregnant. I have taken tests and tests and i always end up disappointed to see one little white line. I am young and have no health issues so i am becoming worried for my fertility. I am 7 days late and i have had tender breasts but no morning sickness or really any other symptoms other than being really emotional and i dont know if its because i am going to start my period. Normally i know if its going to start but i have got no sign of it. For the past couple of days now i have had multiple dreams that i am pregnant and have had many random signs that i am but given that i have no real pregnancy symptoms other than being late (which i have been before and tested and nothing) so i am very discouraged on testing. In the back of my mind i want this so bad i think maybe my mind is playing games with me so i don’t know what to do. I guess i am afraid of being disappointed with a negative test once again. So im here for advice i would love it if you guys could give me unbiased opinions on whether i should test again or not? Thank you ❤️