Round 2 failure 😭 devastated 😭


Hi ladies

Bad news from me today, our 2nd <a href="">IVF</a> cycle has failed 😭 I'm 7dp5dt (fresh) testing stark negative with not even a glimmer of a faint line. I also had splitting headaches yesterday which I got the exact same day last failed cycle from the hormones dropping, and period isn't far off. Technically my hpt test day isn't until Friday but with these symptoms the same as last time, and a stark white test on day 7 I know we're done.

We are absolutely devastated. I am only 27, healthy BMI, don't drink or smoke, took all the supplements from It starts with the egg, nothing is 'wrong' with me on paper and we are using donor sperm with proven fertility so I just don't get it. I understand transfers fail, but we aren't even getting good blastocyst development 😣

Our first round I donated half my eggs, to pay it forwards for using donor sperm, we had 1 early blast for fresh transfer which failed. This cycle we kept all eggs, 11 mature, 7 embryos, got 1 early blast and 1 3BB which we transferred on day 5 with embryo glue (nightmare transfer but doubt that made a difference). I just don't know why our embryos aren't developing very well, they look great til day 3 then slow down completely. We had none to freeze, our others didn't develop past morula.

If we can find the mental strength and money to try again I don't even know what we can do differently, besides possibly trying a different sperm donor. I feel so sad. Any ideas or thoughts welcome 😣