He is born 😍😍


So he arrived at 38w6d on september 3rd (was due for the 11th). Lost my water at home at around 5pm and contractions really kicked in at 7:45 pm. They were so freaking strong/ painful an really really close together. My DR examined my cervix i was at 4 cm. By 8h30 pm I wanted the epidural but since the anesthesist was busy in the OR i has to wait about an hour before he came. My dr looked again i was now 5 cm +. The anesthesis came for the epidural at 9h30 pm and since my baby's heart rate was going really low during the contractions ant than back really fast after contractions they sat me last minute for the procedure. He had barely finish putting it in place( was not working yet) that i felt the urge to push soooo bad. They quickly put me in pushing position and they confirm i was now complete and ready to push. He was out in 3 pushes. So active labor was in total 1h15 minutes. In perfect health but small 6 pounds 2 onces 46 cm of pure love . Was a fast but painful delivery! We are so in love with ou little baby boy!