Arguing infront of LO?

What are your thoughts of arguing or disagreements infront of LO? Have you and your hubby experienced this?

We had a rough morning, actually a rough couple weeks with my husband's demanding work schedule and him working loads of overtime. It was his first night off last night since 4 weeks ago.

We had a nice night but we both woke up tired, my husband works nights so he was tossing and turning all night, I was up multiple times because of him getting in and out of bed.

Our fight started because my husband asked what was wrong as soon as I woke up because apparently I looked upset? I said oh nothing, I'm fine, just a little tired. This was within 2 minutes of waking up. And my husband just lost it and was so upset because I was tired on his day off. I'm also on my period so my back is killing me, I mentioned it once and he flipped out once again. He said I ruined his day off because I woke up tired (after my coffee I was perfectly fine and wide awake) and that my back hurt because of my period.

After typing this, it sounds incredibly stupid. We went for a walk with our dog and LO, the whole time my husband was calling me names and telling me to check myself and stop complaining about being tired or not feeling well. I said I was tired once and mentioned my back hurt once, I didn't make a big deal out of it, he did.

We weren't yelling at all but my husband said some hurtful and inappropriate things to me infront of our son.

My son is napping and I just feel like an awful mom. I asked my husband multiple times to stop fighting and arguing, I wanted to make sure my son was happy and having a good morning. I said we can talk about it when he naps but he proceeded to argue. His ego got in the way.

This doesn't happen often, or at all in front of our son. So I feel awful he witnessed it.