37w1d symptoms


Ok, so as we all get closer to our due date (10/10) but I have a scheduled c section 10/6. our bodies are starting to get ready for the babies to be here.

Today I’ve been extremely tired like falling asleep and that never happens to me, I’m really nauseous, acid liquidy burning burps, headache, my stomach is achey along with like minor feverish aches and pains.

My CM has changed a bit in consistency but I actually have less than I have been daily in the past few days.

I just need like one more week before he decides to come. I’m scared he’s going to come extra early at this point.

Only reason I think he might come early is because my first son came 10 days early on my first pregnancy. Ahhhhhh I’m nervous!! I have a few days of work left 😆