Husband mad at me?

My husband has been going to this church for about five years. We’ve been together for two. It’s a close knit type of church where most of the members are family/related in some way. He’s not related to any of them...just close friends. He’s trying to get me to move to another state because many members of the church are moving. Before we married, he wanted to move to a different city and I was fine with that. I was not okay with moving to another state and now he’s basically told me I have no say in where we go. He said we’ll be okay because the church will be our support system. I have never felt connected to anyone in his church. I have never felt comfortable going there and stopped about a year ago. It always felt awkward me to and I just felt that I wasn’t comfortable opening up and sharing my spiritual journey with them. It’s nothing against them. It’s just that I’m very private about that and decided I prefer to do spiritual things on my own. He’s trying to force me to have a relationship with them it seems. Says that they’re nice and I’m not giving them a chance. I keep telling him I just don’t feel any connection with any of them and that I can’t force a bond that’s not there. He says I’m being an asshole??