This is why I’m consistently single 😑 why do I always get these guys? Why?

Back story:

This guy has been messaging me for years, as he stated, 5 years. The first time he asked me out, he backed out and said he had a flat tire.

Second time around, I gave the benefit of the doubt. We chat and some ways into the chat he asks if I drink, I told him, sry but I don’t drink alcohol. He BLOCKED ME!

Maybe a year or so after that he messaged me again. I ignored him. He would message me on and off over these “5 years”

A few days ago he messaged me, we go back and forth and he sells me this story of people change and they grow up. It’s been a few years so after I got over my initial skepticism towards him, I gave him another chance.

Well, third times a charm because 🙄...

We finally met, we chatted for about an hour or so, made out here and there.

Then last night I was playing around saying thanks for the neck kisses. He ran with it and got a little out of control. Then asks me if I’m coming over because he wants “give me head” I just ignored it. I’m like uhhh ok just don’t read too much into it...stay calm!

And this is our exchange this morning, I was playing around with him, nothing new:

lol yes I should’ve noticed the red flags back then and should’ve paid attention even more now. But after so many years I gave him the benefit of the doubt to see if he had indeed grown past his little ways.

Anyways, we ended up arguing and he tried to say he was joking. Then he went on to tease me and because I wasn’t falling for it, he called me defensive I cussed him out and he said we aren’t compatible.

We went back and forth all day (my anxiety and depression got the best of me, stupid of me I know) call me stupid or slow because honestly I am.

Anyways, I deleted his number and don’t plan on contacting him again.