missed period confusion - pregnant or nah?!

hi! this is my first time posting in here 😱🤗

so, my last period started october 5th and lasted roughly 7-8 days. i usually am on a 28 day cycle and am pretty regular. i was supposed to get my period november 2nd (last monday) but still haven’t gotten it. i took a pregnancy test wednesday, but it was negative.

husband (31) and i (25) are TTC & this is our first time trying, so it’s all new to us. i feel like my period is extremely late, but seriously wondering if i’m just going to get it next week? should i test again monday?

i’ve also been having weird, sharp cramps and pms symptoms that started on october 28th. been extremely emotional and just feel pregnant idk how to describe it. not sure if it’s me making it all up in my head because i really want to be preg. also, i didn’t have sex during my ovulation window, so idk how i could be pregnant, but i also know it’s not impossible??

please help! i’m going crazy. want to take another pregnancy test sunday morning, but i’m forcing myself to wait until monday.